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Thursday, August 25, 2011

No more Israeli apologies ( Or why the U.N. is a bunch of Useless Nitwits )

The Egyptians, without even a shred of corroborating evidence, rushed to blame the IDF – rather than lunatic Islamic fanatics - for the death of Egyptian soldiers.

this is old news, because this happens all the time; Israel gets attacked they retaliate in kind and the world blames Israel !

Confusing to say the least, but it happens.

It is rare that you find the actual perpetrators ( Islamic Nutjobs ) of the attacks, condemned anywhere in the media.


While rockets were falling on Israeli towns and innocent Jewish blood was being spilled, an odd debate raged on in the UN Security Council: whether to issue a condemnation of the recent terror attacks perpetrated against innocent Israeli civilians, including children. Amazingly enough, a current member of the Security Council – Lebanon – prevented the condemnation from coming to fruition.

The Lebanese demanded a toned down, more “balanced” denunciation that includes criticism of Israeli retaliatory strikes in Gaza. It did not matter that the IDF responded by attacking legitimate targets – leaders of the terror group that executed the attacks, weapons compounds, smuggling tunnels and rocket and mortar cells aiming to kill Jews indiscriminately. No condemnation was issued, and no one blinked an eye.

The Arab League also announced an emergency session over Israeli retaliation in the Strip. Apparently, the death of some murderers was a more pressing affair than the thousands of casualties in Syria, ongoing riots in Yemen, and the civil war in Libya.

The Palestinian Authority, as usual, issued a lackadaisical rebuke of the loss of innocent life, while focusing on punitive anti-Israel censure. This leadership is expected to lead a Palestinian statehood bid in September, despite the absence of even a semblance of government unity, adequate control over terror groups, undefined borders, massive corruption and economic mismanagement. Still, the world doesn’t seem to mind too much.

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