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Monday, August 8, 2011

Looting, rioting spreads in London

Second day of riots, 35 police injured.
No tanks, snipers or suicide bombings though; the police are just trying to calm them not kill them.

The Economic Times
Several instances of looting and clashes were reported across the city as mob angry over the killing of a man in north London combined with ennui over harsh economic conditions attacked police in a second night of violence, reminding many of racial unrest in the 1980s.

Over 100 people were arrested as the attacks that began in Tottenham spread to areas such as Enfield, Brixton, Dalston, Islington Walthamstow and Tottenham seemed to be coordinated. Oxford Circus was also targeted.

Police brought in additional forces to deal with increasing attacks on public property and maintain peace.

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