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Monday, July 25, 2011

400 rounded up in Chihuahua operation

Reports this morning are 1000 people arrested in Ciudad Jaurez, This may be related but either way it is another view of how terrible Mexico really is.

Kidnapping and Human trafficking is almost as big as the drug trade in Mexico, Most of the woman (or Girls) are sold into the sex trade throughout North America.

El Paso Times

About 300 Chihuahua state police officers with the help of federal authorities rounded up about 400 people late Friday and early Saturday in Juárez during a special operation in search of missing children.

One missing 15-year-old girl was found in a hotel, officials said.

The search was launched under operation Alba, which was created to assure parents of missing children in the central part of the city that officials were making efforts to find the missing children.

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