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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Musharraf: US Suspension of Aid to Pakistan 'Disastrous'

What is truly disastrous, is the fact that the Taliban Along with Al Qaida are such heros to many in Pakistan.
They keep blowing people up because they disagree with others views, yet they are praised as good Muslims.
Disastrous is the Pakistani ISI, aiding the Taliban in their quest for total dominance over everyone.
Disastrous is letting the Taliban have their way.

We as a country should not pay any money towards a terrorist coddling country.

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says he regrets the U.S. decision to stop $800 million in military aid to Pakistan.

Musharraf called the move "disastrous" on Monday, telling an audience at Rice University in Houston, Texas that the aid cut-off is not in the best interest of the United States because it will weaken Pakistan's ability to fight terrorism.

Earlier Monday, Pakistani military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told VOA that reduced U.S. aid will not hamper operations against al-Qaida and Taliban militants. General Abbas said that defeating terrorism is in the interest of both countries, but he also warned that aid with conditions is unacceptable.

In Washington Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters "the suspension of some aid to Pakistan does not signal a shift in policy but underscores the fact that the partnership with Pakistan depends on cooperation."

Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said the "hold" on funds was directly tied to those decisions by the Pakistani military to expel American military trainers and put limits on visas for U.S. personnel.

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