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Friday, July 15, 2011

India blames Mumbai attack on terrorists

India blames Mumbai attack on terrorists


I thought maybe some non violent peace loving hippies did it.

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India's home minister said Thursday that it was too early to blame any particular militant group or individual for the deadly blasts that struck Mumbai at rush hour a day earlier, but that the coordinated attack was the work of terrorists.

He also defended the intelligence services' record in the run-up to the three explosions, adding that they had no information that an attack was coming.

"Whoever planned this attack worked in a very, very clandestine manner," Palaniappan Chidambaram told reporters Thursday morning. "It's not a failure of intelligence."

The home minister also amended the casualty figures, saying 18 people had died rather than the 21 cited earlier by a top state official, with 131 hospitalized. Of the injured, 23 were seriously hurt, and some are in critical condition. A victim whose head was severed remains unidentified, Chidambaram said

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