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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scores killed in Norway attacks

Norwegian media identified the man as Anders Behring Breivik, 32. Police charged him for the island massacre and the Oslo bomb blast.

Police said the man was answering questions and they described him as a right-wing Christian fundamentalist.

So, right wing Christian fundamentalists?

Religion is always to blame in attacks like this, it makes you crazy having to hear about these kind of attacks; usually we are used to hearing that it was Islamic extremists, but now Christian Fundamentalists.

Norway was hit by twin attacks on Friday that left the nation in profound shock. A massive bomb blast shattered buildings in the capital Oslo, killing at least seven people. Then a gunman rampaged through a youth camp run by the ruling Labour Party, killing 84 people. How did the events unfold?

A massive blast shook the centre of Oslo at around 1526 (1326 GMT), blowing out the windows of the prime minister's offices and damaging the finance and oil ministries.

The boom could be heard across the city. The area targeted is the heart of the Labour Party government.

Witnesses described a scene like a war zone, with people walking dazed through streets strewn with rubble. A huge dust cloud enveloped the city centre as police cordoned off the area and evacuated buildings.

Ambulances rushed dozens of injured to hospital and at least seven people were killed in the blast. Hours later teams were still searching the damaged buildings for any more victims.

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