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Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Prepares for Court Appearance by Suspect in Attacks

Anders Breivik, Douchebag extraordinare.
This guy is so stuck on himself it is ridiculous, he would like to wear a uniform at his hearing that he wants to be public, he copied the Unabombers manifesto as his own and added some major drivel over the top of it, He believes he is the Ultimate religious warrior - a Knight.

Unfortunately Norway does not have a death penalty, so this waste of a human being will be able to sit out the rest of his life in prison.

Lets hope Norway is at least smart enough to keep this whole trial out of the spotlot so as not to give Anders his soap box.

The New York Times
After a day of remembrance and self-examination for Norway, a small country shaken by the massacre of at least 93 of its people by one of its own, the nation braced on Monday for the first court appearance for the 32-year-old man who says he carried out the twin attacks that killed them...

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, the only suspect arrested, admits to the shootings on Friday on the island of Utoya and the fatal bombing of government offices in Oslo on the same day, his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, has told Norwegian news media. But he rejects “criminal responsibility.” Mr. Lippestad said that Mr. Breivik insists that he acted alone, and alone wrote a mammoth manifesto — rambling from a hostile historical look at Islam to recipes (and price lists) for bomb manufacture to his family’s pressure on him to date...

According to his lawyer, Mr. Breivik has requested to appear in some kind of a uniform during the hearing — the exact kind was not known — apparently seeking a global platform for his right-wing views.

Mr. Breivik also clearly wants to leave a legacy and thinks he will create some kind of mass following, said Tore Bjorgo, one of Norway’s most respected scholars of right-wing extremism. “He had this strange idea that he will provoke a mass following, despite the violence, which is why I put it in a Christian frame,” said Mr. Bjorgo, a professor at the Norwegian Police University College.

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