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Friday, July 29, 2011

Libyan rebels' military chief of staff slain

Ah the way of Islam, just kill your opponents.

yeah I know it is war and this is what happens but it appears he was killed while under arrest, and the arrest was a little suspicious also.

I think it would be best to pull NATO out of Libya and let all the jackasses kill each other off, it is what they seem to want.

The Los Angeles
The chief of staff for rebel forces fighting to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi was attacked and killed Thursday, according to the rebels' leadership council.

In a terse announcement that left many questions unanswered, the president of the council said Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis and two other commanders were killed as they returned from the eastern front near Port Brega to Benghazi, the de facto rebel capital.

The Associated Press quoted a rebel military spokesman as saying rebel security officers had arrested Younis and two aides early Thursday at their operations room on the eastern front. The website of the Arab satellite channel Al Jazeera also reported that Younis had been arrested by the rebel council Thursday morning.

If Younis was indeed arrested, it raises the possibility that he was assassinated by rebel fighters.

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