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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drone Update!

America, F**k yeah !

Good excuse for a BBQ !

MIRAMSHAH: A volley of US missile strikes killed at least 25 militants after destroying their compounds in Pakistan’s tribal areas on the Afghan border.

Twin drone attacks hit militant strongholds in North and South Waziristan 12 hours apart, as the United States announced it was suspending more than a third of its annual military aid to Pakistan, bringing relations to a new low.

Early Tuesday, a US drone fired two missiles at a compound in South Waziristan’s Bushnarai area, a senior security official told AFP.

Several missile strikes have recently targeted hideouts in the area, considered a stronghold of Pakistani Taliban commander Mullah Nazir, he said.

Late Monday, at least 12 militants were killed when US drones fired four missiles on a compound and a vehicle in the Gorwaik area of Dattakhel town, in North Waziristan. Reports of up to 16 militants killed could not be confirmed.

“In last night’s drone strike, at least 12 militants were killed and six others were wounded, and in today’s strike the death toll has risen to 13. Two were wounded,” a security official told AFP Tuesday.

Intelligence officials in Miramshah, the capital of North Waziristan, said foreigners were among those killed in the second attack.

Pakistani officials use the term “foreigners” for Al Qaeda-linked Arab, Central Asians and other non-Pakistani fighters.

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