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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somali Extremist Group Bans Samosas in Country

So Al Shabab says you can't have your favorite pastry do to the fact that it has three sides and it may make you think of the holy trinity...

What gene are Islamists missing? Seriously, they must be missing something.

Maybe it is all that Inbreeding in Islam.

Islam the Religion of keeping it in the Family.

A powerful Muslim extremist group in Somalia banned samosas in the country because their three sides may remind people of the Christian Holy Trinity.

Members of Al-Shabaab recently boarded trucks with loudspeakers and announced that the popular pastries are banned in the country, UPI reported. The group did not fully explain its decision to ban the snack that is often filled with minced meats and vegetables, but witnesses told a local paper that their ubiquitous three-cornered shape may invoke thoughts on the Holy Trinity, according to the report.

The Islamic militant group, which controls wide swaths of the country, bans music and watching sports on TV.

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